Applied Gamification - Fantasy Fitness League

The Fantasy Fitness League (FFL) is a B to B competitive corporate wellness program that combines the current popular trend of self-governed, in-house group “Biggest Loser” competitions, and the week-to-week competitive model, visual language, and general subculture associated with fantasy sports. Based on applied gamification design techniques and theories of motivational psychology, the vision of the FFL is to offer the most effective, engaging, and fun wellness program to businesses seeking a healthier lifestyle for their employees.

FFL PPT_Page_04.jpg

As an applied reflection of my diverse education and experiences, the design of the FFL is holistic, utilizing tools and techniques from many design fields and inspired by my own personal struggles with obesity.

Once the problem of obesity in the US was framed, research questions were formed to guide the primary research.  After market trends were understood, quantitative and qualitative data were gathered using surveys and interviews. Synthesis of this data informed the design of a "patchwork" prototype. After a proof-of-concept prototype was run and research conducted, a series of personas were created. These personas were then used to map out the customer journey for a season of the FFL. Then user flows were sketched out, finalized, and used for reference in wireframing. Wireframes were user-tested and then developed into high fidelity clickable demos (website and app). Finally, the "Commissioners Package" was designed and prototyped including digital scale, trophy, invite cards, and the "Commissioner's Playbook" reference guide.